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If you are looking to buy any of our military, camping, hiking or any other outdoor products in a large quantity, please contact us for discounted pricing. We have a dedicated staff awaiting to handle your bulk order needs. We offer very competitive prices on large volume wholesale orders and are sure to give you a great discount on your request for quote (RFQ) or request for proposal (RFP).

Please feel free to send an email regarding your wholesale request to quote@outdoorgear.net. You can also give us a call at 201-815-4327 during our normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Eastern Time) and our dedicated wholesale team will be happy to assist you.


Service Apparel


Outdoorgear.net is now proud to offer our clients discounts on wholesale military clothing as well as any purchases of products made in bulk. Clients who purchase any of our broad range of military surplus products, including authentic, standard issue U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps., and Special Forces clothing qualify for a reduced price on their total purchase. Outdoorgear.net is your online source for wholesale military attire and military surplus wholesale prices on authentic U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, special forces, and tactical, as well as safety service clothing and accessories.

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We offer discount prices on all of our merchandise, including wholesale camo clothing, wholesale army and navy surplus, tactical gear and uniforms, EMS, as well as EMT clothing and apparel, wholesale camouflage pants and shirts, wholesale military equipment. We are also very proud to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase wholesale survival and camping equipment, as well as wholesale standard issue ACU uniforms, SWAT tactical gear, military BDU uniforms and GSA compliant gear and apparel. Outdoorgear.net is happy to offer our wholesale clients a faster, easier way to purchase any of our military clothing, equipment and accessories in bulk via the wholesale purchase form above.

Simply enter your contact information in the appropriate fields below and proceed to fill out our wholesale purchase order form with the products you wish to purchase in bulk and the quantities of each military wholesale army, navy, marine corps, special forces and public safety clothing item and we will get to work on fulfilling your order to your exact specifications. If you have any questions about the availability of any of our wholesale military clothing and surplus apparel, feel free to inquire in the